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RTSP Client/Server
RTSP Client/Server is a set of two programs designed for implementing the streaming of multimedia content over the Internet. The server is configured to allow sharing a set of multimedia tracks that the client can stream at his will. Coding is done in Java using the JMF library, some variations to the standard RTSP protocol to transport an SDPng implementation have been realized
This software is still under development -

UMTSLab is a signal processing application which aims at descovering the CDMA access technique and QPSK modulation used in UMTS 3rd Generation telephone systems by means of experimentation.

The user is able to modify the different parameters of both the CDMA and QPSK techniques and see the effects on both the temporal signal and its spectrum. Channel noise effect on communication can also be illustrated using this tool.
This software is still under development -

ADE is the ressources management system used to compute schedules at INSA. It is accessible via a web interface but during my last year, it was very unrealiable so I decided to create a small software which would cache the latest version of my schedule and notify me of any changes.

The server is written in Java, schedule distribution is done via HTTP to clients which are written in Delphi. The software supports automatic updates, starting with windows and is compatible with HTTP proxies.
As this application is specific to INSA, I don't see the point in distributing it outside INSA

SimuTrafic 2005
SimuTrafic 2005 is a road network simulator, this is an academic project which was proposed to illustrate the different stages of software conception in UML.

This project was developped in Java & Swing and uses some concepts of agent programming to deal with the concurrency of events
You can download the application here and the report here in PDF format

SimuRezo is the latest project I am working on, basically the goal is to allow the user to experiment with networking with only one computer in order to provide an easy way to understand the basics of computer networking through simulation.

This project is undergoing in Java using the Swing library, watch the Blog for the latest news
No WebSite defined yet - 10% completed

BlackBox is a reasoning game. The player fires electrons into the "Black Box" and tries to deduce where the Atoms are, based on where the electrons come out if they do.

This Game is written in Ada 95 using the GtkAda graphical library, files are currently hosted at SourceForge
Project HomePage
SourceForge Project Page

Small Fourier Series calculator, from a file containing the successive values of a function, the utility plots the function and it's Fourier Serie below

This is written in Delphi, which I actually found very easy to learn and create functionnal things in no time.
You can download both the executable application and the Delphi Sources here : (Zipped)

For my Signal course in third year, we were asked to create an application that would calculate the Fourier's numbers corresponding to a certain signal.

I decided to make that using PHP and there you go! I've included the sources below in case it can be usefull to anyone.
The WebSite is available here:
The Sources are available here : (Zipped)

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