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General InformationLanguages
Last Name: Van WambekeFrench (Mother Tongue)
English (Fluent)
Spanish (Fluent)
Dutch (Good working Kowledge)
Italian (Good working Knowledge)
First Name: Nicolas


Date of Birth: October 11th 1983
Citizenship: Belgian

nicolas [at]

Drivers Licence

Operating Systems
Linux / Unix (Shell, XF86, KDE, Gnome...), All Windows environnements

Programming Languages
Java, C, C++, Ada95/GtkAda, Delphi, Assembly, PHP, PERL, HTML, XML, bash, csh, awk

Network & System administration (Unix-Linux-Windows)
Setup, Users, Services, Routing, Tunneling (SSH, GRE...), Filtering, Security policies, IPSec, VPN, Cryptography, PKI

POSIX System Programming & IPC - Linux, Sun, Cygwin

Sockets (C, Ada, Java..)

General Electronics
Amplifying, DAC/ADC, TTL Logic circuits, Transistor, SPICE Simulation, PIC & Siemens C166 Microcontroller

Electronic Circuits for telecommunications
Modulation techniques, Transmission lines, PLL, Numerical circuits conception with VHDL, Power amplifying, Noise Reduction

Graphics and Web Design
Macromedia Fireworks, DreamWeaver, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Zend ...

Office Suites:
OpenOffice.Org & Microsoft Office

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