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Performance evaluation using TAU G2
This documents presents generic procedures for evaluating the performances of a model using TAU G2, examples are based on the SR and PR modules of ETP (LAAS 07/2005)
You can download : the report here
French only

Diferentiated reliability by extension of the selective repeat mechanism for the ETP framework
This documents presents the extensions made to the Selective Repeat mechanism in order to implement a multi-flow, diferentiated/partial reliability mechanism - LAAS (07/2005)
You can download : the report here
French only

UML Design of Selective Repeat for the Extensible Transport Protocol framework
This document presents part of the work I carried on during my summer Internship at LAAS (07/2005) on dynamically composable protocols where I specified and modeled a selective repeat mecanism based on SACK vectors for the ETP framework
You can download : the report here
French only

Quality of Service on the Internet
This paper is the result of a six months team "academic-research" project in which different aspects necessary for providing QoS insurance over the Internet are discussed.

A first approach to interoperation of heterogeneous techniques (IntServ/DiffServ) is presented and a platform specific implementation of a multi-domain ressource reservation protocol is discussed

The devlopment of a RTP/RTCP based videoconferencing software is presented as a way for effective mesurements of the different effects of ressource reservation.

Available only in french

You can download : the report here
The source code is available on request

As the web is beginning to find new uses in Web Services, XML is providing a way for potentially different systems to communicate.

A summary (in french) of the different techniques around XML was the goal of this document and the associated presentation.

You can download : the Document
and the Presentation slides

IR digital transmission
This paper is more an academic assignement, it represents the report for a third year engineering project in which an infrared based telecommunication system was designed (similar to Laser Quest)

Only available in french

You can download : the first part
and the second part

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