Aug - 05


Internship @ LAAS – CNRS

Posted in Work on August 2nd, 2005 by Nicolas

Almost a month ago, I started my Internship at the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture Systems.

I’ve finished the first part of the Interniship which consisted in the study of currently implemented techniques for coding multimedia contents and transmitting them on a packet switching network.
Among the documents produced (hopefully soon to be on the website) are a report on the different coding techniques used aswell as a detailed analysis of the flow ADU’s structure oriented towards optimization of a selective repeat mechanism that a QoS aware transport protocol could use.
I also contributed to an ongoing study for characterization of multimedia flows on a packet switch network lead by a friend whose report should (if I get his authorization) also be posted here soon.

The second part of the Internship consists in protocol modeling following the work on dynamically adaptative and composable transport protocols. I’m discovering the different uses of the TAU Generation2 modeling tool aswell as the “ETP framework” in which my work should take place.. More to come on that soon… I hope.