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Ubuntu 10.04 – LL for Lucid Lynx

Posted in Linux on September 24th, 2009 by Nicolas

Mark Shuttleworth made the announcement a few days ago already that the next Ubuntu version will be named Lucid Lynx. It’s going to be an LTS which will superseed to the Hardy Heron and there will be a direct upgrade path from 8.04 as there always is between LTS releases. Lucid Lynx development will begin in November 2009 and the release is due in April 2010. However, Hardy will be supported through 2011 to allow for organization to upgrade in a smooth fashion!

Below is a video of Mark Shuttleworth who was in Atlanta at the time announcing, among other things, the codename and release goals.

As always with Ubuntu, things such as codename and release goals are defined by the community through discussion and white papers. All of this takes places between, IRC and mailing lists as well as some quality websites, blogs and the community wiki.


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Terminator: The revolutionary terminal

Posted in Linux, Work on September 23rd, 2009 by Nicolas

When doing stuff on the console, I often find it tremendously useful to have multiple terminals open. In the old days, I used to log in several times in tty1 through tty4. This way, I could have BitchX and later irssi in one terminal, have my SSH session running in another terminal while still having a quick hand on the local machine. After this came screen which revolutionized the multi-terminal world by allowing the same schemas (BitchX, remote, local…) to be implemented on remote machines and detached so you could keep your sessions alive even while you’re not connected.

In the world of X and graphical frontends, terminals are still very useful. I’m having a hard time thinking of a day during the past year in which I didn’t fire one up for some task or the other. I often found myself with many terminals windows open at the same time which quickly became quite hard to manage. Luckily enough, I came across Terminator, a small utility that made my life alot easier.

terminatorTerminator is a gnome app which is an extension of the gnome-terminal application in order to integrate features that screen has. You start with a plain terminal, when you need another one, you go for a quick CTRL+SHIFT+o or CTRL+SHIFT+e to split it in half either horizontally or vertically. After opening a few you navigate between them by using CTRL+SHIFT+p and CTRL+SHIFT+n for respectively going to the previous and next one. Should you need extra space for a few moments to focus on something, you can expand the current terminal so it occupies the whole window by simply doing a CTRL+SHIFT+x, and there is a ton of other great features which I use less often.

Terminator can be installed by a simple apt-get install terminator in both debian and ubuntu ;) That rocks.

The official homepage can be found here:

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Cities I’ve Visited Application on Facebook

Posted in Tourism on September 22nd, 2009 by Nicolas

I’ve recently come across this neath application on Facebook, it’s called Cities I’ve Visited. Indeed; I’ve traveled quite a bit during the last few years for work and it would have been great to have something like that back then.

My Map Not only does the application allow you to pinpoint the places where you’ve been and hence about which you’d be able to give advice to your friends, it also allows you to let people know of your upcoming trips, find friends who’ve already been there in order to get tips. Really nice ;)