Ubuntu 10.04 – LL for Lucid Lynx

Mark Shuttleworth made the announcement a few days ago already that the next Ubuntu version will be named Lucid Lynx. It’s going to be an LTS which will superseed to the Hardy Heron and there will be a direct upgrade path from 8.04 as there always is between LTS releases. Lucid Lynx development will begin in November 2009 and the release is due in April 2010. However, Hardy will be supported through 2011 to allow for organization to upgrade in a smooth fashion!

Below is a video of Mark Shuttleworth who was in Atlanta at the time announcing, among other things, the codename and release goals.

As always with Ubuntu, things such as codename and release goals are defined by the community through discussion and white papers. All of this takes places between, IRC and mailing lists as well as some quality websites, blogs and the community wiki.



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