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Securing you wifi network using 802.1x also known as WPA (or WPA2) Enterprise

Posted in General, Linux on September 29th, 2007 by Nicolas

I used to have a simple policy for my wifi network which would be “open” with no crypto whatsoever. I did this in order to allow for any visitor at home to be able to surf without having to share a secret with him. However, I soon realized that this was not good for the “privacy” of my data and turned to an OpenVPN-based solution in order to protect the traffic from my “known” hosts. This being done, in the absence of visitors, I would simply stop routing wireless traffic that was not VPN.

However, the advent of WPA and WPA-Enterprise made me believe that there was a simpler solution that would allow me to achieve the same thing but in a way that would also allow my visitors to benefit from some “privacy”. However, I still didn’t want to share a secret with them nor did I want to have them install anything on their machine.

Setting up WPA2 on my access point and coupling that with a Radius server was the solution I was looking for!

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