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Subversion Permissions using pre-commit hook

Posted in Java & Eclipse, Work on April 14th, 2008 by Nicolas

Subversion does not allow fine grained permission management natively through svnserve. For example, it is not possible to disable read/write access to a certain SVN directory for a given user.

However, you generally don’t want all your users to be able to write changes anywhere else than the branch they’re working on until they finish their work and prove that they’re able to “not screw everything up” ;)

This can be achieved by using pre-commit hooks in subversion that will make transactions fail in directory where users don’t have permissions.

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Apr - 08


Belgium – Geraardsbergen/Grammont : Patisserie Confiserie De Clercq

Posted in Eating out, Tourism on April 13th, 2008 by Nicolas

declerq Geraardsbergen (Grammont in french) is a very interesting city in Belgium. Located not far from Brussels (40 minutes car ride), it is the host of one of the most famous Belgian history statues: Manneken Pis.

Of course; you’ll say that the Manneken Pis is located near the Grand Place of Brussels and you’d be right on this remark but there is also a statue in Geraardsbergen. This is the oldest one known in Belgium and is located in a much more quiet place in Belgium where you can enjoy the nice city “ambiance”.

While you visit the city, you might want to go into the De Clerq bakery! The place is charming and well decorated, the food is great and there are some tables on which you can accommodate in order to quietly enjoy the afternoon.

Patisserie Confiserie De Clercq 
Grotestraat 21 
Tel: 054-412505