France’s Pays Cathare – Carcassonne

HPIM0949In the Aude depatement in South-West France, not far from Toulouse, lies the city of Carcassonne. It is easily reachable by air from London, Shannon, Dublin and Brussels by RyanAir.

The main attraction in Carcassonne is the Medieval City and the historic center. For having flown RyanAir several times to Brussels and London, I have had the oportunity of visiting both on various occasions ans I must say that I always find something new !

The historic center offers tiny streets which are the typical southern France medieval city streets in which you wonder how today’s cars are able to pass! Filled with little restaurants and nice little “cafés”, the Gambetta square’s surroundings offer you with something for every weather. I remember that a hot chocolate came just in time as rain started falling on a winter afternoon.


The Medieval city on the other hand is much more “touristic”. With shops and restaurants at every house in the main street, most of the attractions reside in finding the best souvenir at the cheapest price. However, if visited off-season, the medieval city offers you a much nicer experience. The city walls which surround it will allow you to appreciate the scenery that the town has to offer.

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