While watching the french (TF1) TV news someday this week, I’ve discovered the existence of Spock! after a little google search, I also found this post on Mashable France about it.

These guy’s goal is to do some kind of wikipedia/linkedIn/hi5 hybrid that will not only contain information that someone enters into it but also information that is gathered automatically, much in the way search engines do. The preliminary results look very nice!

The fact that I had a LinkedIn profile alone was enough for them to find me and have me in there.

While this can be a nice initiative to some, I think the level of control that you have on what is saved about you should be higher than it is now.. For example, imagine someone tags you with something that you disagree with, there is no easy way for you to take that tag off. The system is based on votes of the community. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes!

Spock provides a JavaScript that, once included on a webpage, displays what they have on you. I’m testing this below…

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